Welcome To JakMat Ground Stabilization Matting

JakMat high strength ground stabilisation mats provide you with an eco-friendly, permeable and cost effective alternative to traditional concrete paving systems.

The easily installed JakMat is the solution provider for grass and ground reinforcement that allows you to combine a pleasant aesthetic with the functional requirements of utility areas.

Once laid JakMat reduces on-going maintenance, retains material in place and provides a strong matrix which spreads loads from vehicular, pedestrian or animal traffic evenly across its surface.

For the ultimate strength and material retention due to the unique honeycomb structure all JakMats are manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. The JakMat laying process is simple to follow & very quick.


The sustainable driveway and paving alternative

Fields of application:

  • Private Car Parks (DIY)
  • Civil market
  • Camping sites
  • Golf courses


The flexible way to stabilise tracks 

Fields of application:

  • Garden paths & walkways around your home
  • Grass and ground reinforcement
  • DOC wilderness track construction
  • Bike track surface


The ground stabilisation mat for high pressure

animal traffic areas

Fields of application:

  • Dairy farm races
  • Horse applications



Case Studies

Check out a number of case studies which show the different uses of Jakmat:


JakMatGeocell is a more robust version of the JakMat and can be used in car parks and utility area construction.

JakMatEnviro is used for walking tracks and environmental protection, for reinforcing ground used by walkers to reduce the physical wear and tear on popular walking tracks and also for farm environments.

JakMatDairy provides a solution to race problem areas on farms caused by high stock traffic.